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Building up the site

Have been working with WordPress at my company for a few years now and seemed like the right platform to build up the DevOps Platform site.

Already had an Godaddy account using a windows hosting plan and was fairly easy to setup however, came across a number of challenges.

  • Godaddy doesn’t have the latest capabilities with PHP for windows hosting accounts.
  • Using the automatic processes found adding plugins would fail most of the time.

Overall not a great start but it is what I had to start with.

After the initial site was listed, I installed a CAPTCHA plugin as well as AdSense and Google Analytics. Figured I would start off right and not have my site spammed, track the traffic to understand my audience, and maybe even recover enough to pay for my hosting costs.

Update 4/22/2020
The original CAPTCHA plugin I was using was not very effective and moved over to Google’s reCaptcha. Seems to be blocking more of the bots that are designed to spam WordPress sites.

Update 6/11/2020 – Added SSL
Grab a 90 day free SSL cert from

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