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Feature Flags – Deploy More Feature More Frequently, With Less Risk

Grigory Avsyuk presented a topic on feature flags titled Deploy More Features More Frequently, With Less Risk at Tampa Bay DevOps

Deploy More Features More Frequently, With Less Risk Software developers need a new set of tools that are specifically designed for continuous delivery. What if you could “decouple” the act of delivering software from the act of releasing features? What if you could deploy any time and release features only when you’re ready? Imagine if you could know how each new feature will perform in production, turn off misbehaving features, or measure impact of each feature change? It’s more important than ever to drive digital innovation with security and stability. Feature management enables businesses to dynamically control availability of application features to end users. In this virtual DevOps Meetup, learn how product teams move faster with less risk — delivering new code and features to end users, run experiments, innovate and customize end user experience while the application running!

Grigory Avsyuk,…
Grigory is a Software Delivery Advocate for CloudBees. He currently educates Fortune 1000 Enteprrise development & product teams on the technical and business benefits of feature management. A graduate of RPI, Gregory has worked as a software developer for almost a decade. He has worked on many web development projects, big data enterprise solutions, projects to modernize development, containers, CI/CD pipelines, and coding best practices.

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