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Filament Feed Upgrade for Ender 3

Started to notice issues with some of my 3d prints. These included under extrusion and misaligned part. Upon further investigation noticed my filament guide was significantly warn and in need of an upgrade.

From the image below you can see the guide has been warn to the point it is starting to cut through the tension arm.


I generally like to print replacement parts and found plenty of sites that have models for potential upgrades. For this fix, I decided to go with a hybrid approach. I wanted to fix the angle of the feed as well as replace the broken part with something more durable.

Fixing the angle of the print feed

Decided to go with something straight forward but also wanted to print something that incorporated metal hardware and found a roller guide on thingivers that looks like it would work great. Even at the time of taking the picture above you can see the print wheels for the print on the print bed.

Filament Roller Guide

This print required no modification and use a standard skateboard bearing and spare M4 bolt from the Ender.

I did try other guides that worked ok for a while but ended up breaking within a short time like this one also found on thingiverse .

Metal Extruder Upgrade

Really wanted to print something but felt this really needed a metal part, decided to go with a CHPOWER Metal Upgrade

Metal Extruder Ender
Metal Extruder Ender

Upgrade instruction were fairly straight forward following this guide on youtube.

Putting it all Together

Other than the print time to print the parts, the upgrade only took about 20 mins and the overall results have improved print failures and stringing. Next I might put real rollers on the spool feeder to smooth out some jerkiness but overall happy with today’s upgrade. Here is what the new setup looks like and even has a patriotic look. Red, White, and Blue.

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Soon after this installation I noticed issues feeding filament into the drive feed as well as a stripped out drive gear where the lock down screws hold it to the stepper motor. I reached out to CHPOWER and they responded with…

Never really had this problem with my original setup and unfortunately that still didn’t fix my problem and still having issues. No reply on the drive gear.

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