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Interview Tips

As a hiring manager I come across a lot of resume’s and know how important it is to have a clear and concise resume as well as a plan for your interview. Yes, it will be a lot of work, but it is worth the effort as it sets up your next career. One of my my favorite recruiters is Andrew Golden, very smart and shares a lot of useful tips. Follow these tips and they will help you get and edge on your next interview.

Tell me versus show me!

Video Resume Tip Time!

Video Resume Tip# – THE UPSIDE DOWN TRIANGLE!!!!

Interview Prep Tip #8 (yes, pretty important!) – The three page review method.

Job Search Tip #5 – getting to the top of the pile through AGGRESSIVE (but smart) means.

Interview Tip #85 – combating nervousness! In today’s rambling advice video we talk about how to get over being nervous before an interview.

Interview Tip #4 (it’s that important!) – Bring your best positive self to the interview!

Interview Tips 21-23: Dealing with Why Are You Looking and The Brainteaser!

Resume Tip#27: Impactful intros and impactful statements throughout!

PASSION and ENTHUSIASM and your “best self”

Resume and Interview HOOKS!

LinkedIn Tip #65 – create a mini 1 on 0 interview on video!

Resume Video Tips: too dense or not enough information? My thoughts on finding the balance!

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