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Leaked LinkedIn passwords still being used in scams 8 years later.

Recently I got a hard reminder how important it is to insure your accounts are secure. An email showed up in my inbox with a user name and password I had used for my LinkedIn account. A bit surprised at this as I am good about keeping good security practices.

I quickly realized it was a scam however a bit concerned they had an old password.

First reactions was to change the password, even though it wasn’t my current password I figured it was a good idea to just change it again.

Also insured my multi-factor authentication was in place and checked my password manager for anything even closely resembling what the old one looked like.

What next? Even though it is likely non traceable and end the end they wouldn’t get caught, I still wanted to do what I could to help combat this. I broke down the digital trails in the emails and reported it doing the following.

Contact the FBI.
Report Bitcoin Abuse:
Report to Forward email to
Report to LinkedIn:

Hopefully this group or person will have to generate another set of credentials and or maybe give the organizations more info for the machine learning algorithms to help combat this problem.

Chrissa Musil <>Thu 4/16/2020 3:12 PM

I am aware, <removed> , is your pass word.

I require your full attention for the upcoming Twenty-four hours, or I may make sure you that you live out of embarrassment for the rest of your life.

Hello there, you do not know me personally. But I know nearly anything regarding you. Your present facebook contact list, smartphone contacts plus all the virtual activity in your computer from previous 156 days.

And this includes, your masturbation video clips, which brings me to the primary motive why I 'm writing this particular email to you.

Well the last time you visited the porno webpages, my spyware ended up being triggered inside your computer system which ended up recording a eye-catching video clip of your self pleasure act simply by activating your webcam.
(you got a seriously unusual preference by the way lmao)

I own the whole recording. If perhaps you think I am messing around, simply reply proof and I will be forwarding the particular recording randomly to 11 people you recognize.

It might be your friend, co workers, boss, parents (I don't know! My software program will randomly select the contact details).

Would you be capable to gaze into anyone's eyes again after it? I doubt that...

However, doesn't necessarily have to be that route.

I'm going to make you a one time, no negotiable offer.

Buy $ 2000 in bitcoin and send it on the below address:

[CASE SENSITIVE so copy and paste it, and remove *** from it]

(If you do not know how, google how to acquire bitcoin. Do not waste my important time)

If you send this particular 'donation' (we will call this that?). Right after that, I will disappear for good . and under no circumstances get in touch with you again. I will get rid of everything I've got concerning you. You may very well proceed living your normal day to day lifestyle with zero stress.

You've got 24 hours to do so. Your time starts off as quickly you go through this mail. I have an unique code that will inform me once you read this e-mail therefore do not attempt to act smart.

Checked the bitcoin address for transactions:

UPDATE – Recived a similer email from a different person with very similar content and in the process of reporting it to received the following.

Looks like it helped a little in the fight to prevent this activity, I am sure they will adjust the email to get past the filter, but made it just a little bit harder for them.

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