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My Raspberry Pi Build

Started to get interested in Raspberry Pi development after setting up a OctoPi project for my Ender 3 printer. After doing a few builds with both a CanaKit and Vilros complete kits, I have moved to my own custom configuration.

Raspberry Pi 4 Model B – Your choice on size.

Smraza Case with power, heat-sinks, and fan – Not the best case for rapid assembly and disassembly but had the best head dissipation for the case and heat-sinks adhesive and had a nice looking design.

Memory card – Samsung 32GB U1. has a nice chart on the class speed that is right for you application . I chose a Class 10, UHS 1, V10.

Power and HDMI no preference.

After doing some initial heat readings on the CPU, I found the overall heat level to be up to 5 degrees less at full stress and no stress loads.

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